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Residential Projects

Since we are a developing nation, infrastructure sector is booming with each passing day. All the major metros are spreading in all directions to accommodate the increasing demand and provide houses for thousands of people moving in from various parts of the country. One such promising location is Greater Noida West, which is situated in vicinity of the Industrial & Commercial Centre. There are few coveted residential properties for sale in Greater Noida West. Galaxy Group, is developing one of the most apprised creations that are highly sought after in the Industry.

Development is highly misconstrued with only development of commercial spaces in various parts of the world. However, literally it means construction of Residential as well as Commercial Properties to cater the ever-increasing demand of people. In the Delhi/NCR region, many residential properties in Greater Noida West are being built to address the demand; created by globalization of our country.

Like any other developing nation, even India is not lagging in catching up with the rest of the world – when it comes to holistic development of the country. Many
residential properties for sale in Delhi / NCR are springing up, which can explain the master plans of the Infrastructure Sector. The vision derived out of the inherent mission, is to strengthen India’s Infrastructure Sector and earn a position in the International Arena. The trade policies, taxation system and other external factors can only enable the Foreign Investors for Investments; but in the absence of infrastructure support nothing can work. Many foreign companies are now willing to setup their manufacturing units in Greater Noida region, because of upcoming residential projects in Greater Noida West.

With the increase in Inflation Rates, per capita income for individuals has gone down by leaps and bound. However, the pocket size of the household has increased as working partners, spouses, multiple jobs during the month have become ambitious about luxury. They are even ready to live in joint families to ensure safety of newborn babies, security of elders along with various above-basic amenities. Many families are now investing in bigger homes, thinking about the near future.

Best Real Estate Projects in Delhi NCR” are up for sale. On the contrary, Galaxy Group is one such group which had promised and hence delivered few best real estate projects in delhi / ncr – both in commercial & residential space.

In this era of development, everyone is looking for new residential apartments in Greater Noida. All residential apartments are assumed to have a life span of 15-20 years, when built with prescribed construction material as per the authorities. But in the fray of making quick monetary gains, many builders flout the rules and adopt malicious practices. However, few developers have honored their claims and delivered robust new residential apartments in Noida West with in the time limit. Galaxy Group from Noida, is one such organization who have honored their commitments and have obtained Occupancy Certificate for numerous projects.

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